SXSW T-Shirt Quilt

TShirt QuiltSo let’s move on to my second quilt, shall we?

I took the T-Shirt Quilt class from Stitch Lab as soon as I realized I had some t-shirts with a theme I could use! I went to SXSW (Film) for 6 years before having my daughter. And even though I never wear these shirts, and I know this, I always feel compelled to buy them. Now I’m so glad I did!

It wasn’t too different than doing my first quilt. There was just an added step of using a very light interfacing on the back of the knit t-shirt squares. I did get quite creative with my border. I used up the same fabrics in a herringbone-like pattern. I need to get a better picture of the completed quilt so you can even see the border.

I loved doing this quilt. It felt deeply personal. I remembered each year I went and the film listings on the back of the shirts didn’t hurt. Took me down memory lane, I tell ya!

After taking this class, my husband got quite upset. Just a couple months before he had gotten rid of a boatload of concert t-shirts he had for years. He was all “You could have made me a quilt out of them!” As if I even knew such a thing as t-shirt quilts existed before getting into the world of quilting. Punk. We live, we learn. There will be t-shirt quilts in our future I’m sure. No sense in looking back at the lost and forgotten shirts now.