Hi, I’m reign… and I quilt.

Pillow-with-Piping-Stitch-Lab-Beginners-Sewing-2nd-ClassSeriously. I never thought such words would be uttered (typed) by me.

In April of 2013, I took a class at Stitch Lab – a local fabric shop. My daughter was a year old, and I basically needed to get out of the house and be around adults. The other motivating factor was my daughter’s birthday. I went to buy some very simple banners for her 1st birthday and spent a ton of money on Etsy. When I got them, while beautiful, I was just stunned at how simple they looked. My first thought was “I could do that!” So I went out and tried to learn how to do that.

Once I took that first series of beginner classes, I was hooked. So hooked. The first class we made a drawstring bag. The 2nd class was a pillow with piping, and the 3rd class was a choice of bags. I made one called a “Trapeze Bag”. The pillow and the purse are still some of my favorite things I’ve done. I picked some awesome fabric, no doubt.

Trapeze-Bag-Stitch-Lab-Beginners-Sewing-3rd-ClassI proceeded to take a ton more classes. I think I even signed up for my 2nd class before I was even done with the beginner’s class. Which was kind of a no-no, because I was going to learn something I needed to know in the last class for the 2nd class. Oh well, I jumped the gun. It ended up working out in the end. I just never wanted to stop sewing!

We shall fast forward to June of 2013. I took a class at Remnants:fiber[culture] for an Amy Butler Spice Market Tote. I met a lovely gal there named Emily. We seemed to be at similar points in our sewing journey and hit it off immediately. She told me that I MUST take a quilting class. I told her… and I remember very clearly… “No freakin’ way”. The only thing I knew about quilting was that everything had to be so precise and accurate and points matching and perfection and old ladies and NO. My first quilt!!!I might not officially be diagnosed with OCD, but I just knew that if I started down a quilting hole, I could get too caught up in the precision of it all. She tried to assure me that it would all be ok. I told her she was cray-cray.

Fast forward again… November 2013. For some unknown reason — or maybe because I liked the thought of being able to use even more fabric! — I took a quilting class at Stitch Lab. And since I was still a class-taking hussie, I took a T-shirt quilt class right after that too. I’m not sure if it was the first quilt or the 2nd, but somewhere in there I realized — “Crap, I’m going to be a quilter.”

Now here we are in the start of 2015, and I created a freakin’ URL, slapped it on a quilt label I created on Spoonflower and felt the need to actually have something on said URL. If you ever find a quilt of mine that has my label and it points you here… Well here you are. Welcome. I’m reign, and I quilt. Let’s see what else I’ll make.